12 Reasons to Switch to Xero

You might be wondering ‘Why change to Xero? It’s not broke, don’t fix’

‘Isn’t it hard to switch over?’

‘Why should I?’

Well let me set your mind to rest with 12 Reasons to Switch to Xero.

Bank Feeds

  • Xero offers an automatic feed of bank transaction lines. Data is direct from banks & financial institutions. It is untouched by human hands and keystroke errors. Time spent on manually inputting transactions is vastly reduced.
  • Creation of bank rules. Got a direct debit set-up to give the kids some spending money while at Uni? By creating a bank rule, it can be set-up to always code to the right account and contact. Reconciling the transaction is simple afterwards, just one click.
  • Easy searching of past transactions. You can search by description on statement, the amount, within a set dollar or date range, a specific date or a combination of these factors.

Smart easy invoices

  • Creation of repeating invoices is quick and simple.
  • Send Online Invoices to customers. Get paid faster, receive a notification when an invoice is opened (good for those “I didn’t get the invoice” moments), link to online payment method.
  • Automatic Invoice Reminders that you can set with specific parameters. Default reminders are sent at 7, 14 and 21 days after each invoice due date (overdue).
  • “Getting Started” helpful videos in every section that give you tips on how to use Xero.

Online Accounting in the cloud

Run it from anywhere. Nothing else needs to be said.

User friendly interface

Xero was designed with business owner’s in mind, not accountants and bookkeepers. We just know a good thing when we see it.

Xero, Superstream, Auto SuperAutoSuper

Super Stream Gold Level Certified product. Which means that it meets and excels the Super Stream requirements laid down by The ATO.

Unlimited Users

Payroll Employee Roles for employees, Advisers for Bookkeepers and Accountants, Xero has unlimited versatile user roles. Inviting new Users is quick and hasslefree, so you never have to send the books off.

Monthly fee

No huge upfront cost, varied levels of product. Means you aren’t paying for features you don’t use. Easy upgrade to higher levels as your business grows. Free & Automatic updates so you never have to worry about having the correct version for your advisers.

Easy to use Payroll system Xero Timesheet

With access to unlimited Payroll Employee Role Users, you can set all your employees up with the mobile phone app for completing timesheets and requesting leave. Intuitive controls ensure that payroll is simple and elegant.


Mobile apps

Xero Accounting and specialised payroll and expenses.

No more paper

Scan and save your bills and receipts to the Xero Library, have a lot of invoices. We recommend the add-on Receipt-bank

Xero, App Marketplace



Believe it or not Xero can’t do everything. For example, while it does have inventory, it isn’t specialised, and it is limited. Don’t get me wrong it gets the job done for most small businesses perfectly. But if you have abundant tracked product lines, seeking a specialised inventory program that integrates with Xero is a smart move. If you wish to run an online shop as well Unleashed would be the way to go.


The same goes with Job Management Software, where you have multiple jobs running, schedules to run by, quotes to estimate and send out. An integration with software like Tradify would assist there.

Running a Farm and want to see your estimated cash flow for the next 6 months, test financial variables, change expected crop harvests and see what impact that has on your budget. Figured would be the add-on for you.

Passionate advisers

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