The Concept Bookkeeping Crew

A brief overview of the people helping you sleep at night.

We're Here To Help You Succeed

Peter Wilesmith - Practice manager

I'm passionate about helping people have more time for a rewarding lifestyle.

Having a business management background of 20 years, I'm now a registered BAS agent and Xero advisor working with the latest cloud accounting technology.

Since starting with the Concept Bookkeeping service 15 years ago I am very aware of the issues facing small business owners and I'm now well prepared to provide the solutions.

My interests involve doing activities that get me outdoors, like road bike cycling, trail running and hiking in the great Aussie bushland.

Emma Wilesmith - Bookkeeper

Emma started working at Concept Bookkeeping in 2014. She is a Certified Xero Advisor and has experience working with clients across various industries including trades and hospitality. She enjoys the progress of online bookkeeping as it has created flexibility and opportunities for business owners and bookkeepers to work together.

Emma is interested in art sketches and likes to draw, she enjoys outdoor walks, going to the gym and music.

Kara Nash - BAS Agent

I first came from a hospitality background, but was forced by health reasons into an office environment. At first I thought I would dry up and die like a neglected plant in an office environment, but I have found it can still have the struggle, comradeship, and triumph of the kitchen… while sitting in a comfortable chair.

Outside of work my hobbies are ultimately monstrous complicated, with a steep learning curve, but rewarding outcomes… Although sometimes I doubt this.

I probably talk too much.

Camille David - Bookkeeper

Camille David is a well rounded young professional with wide range of experiences, exposed in different industries, passionate in learning new things, committed to on-going personal and professional development, adaptable and transformational leader with an ability to work independently and with team.

She has advanced her interpersonal communication, analytical and critical thinking, and organisational skills through dealing with diverse professionals. She is exceptionally well organised and highly motivated with the ability to handle multiple tasks, and produce timely, highly quality work.

She’s born to be a leader—during her school days she’s always been elected as an officer and her leadership peak is during her senior year in college. She was elected as the President of Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants with more than 500 members in their organisation.

She loves helping and assisting people to unleash their potential, giving inspirational talks regarding leadership and finances. But just like any other young professional, Camille also enjoys doing frivolous activities such as surfing the net and social media and playing games. She makes sure to have a well-balanced life especially with her spirituality by spending her Sundays devoted to their church activities.